Buzz of the Straight Hair

Buzz of the Straight Hair

Let's face it, we all like straight hair, similar to the innocent look of small curls I spoke about in my previous post, straight hairs equally give that innocent alluring look. Dating back to history, women who wear straight hairs are deemed as beautiful, fertile and goddesses. Even in our today's world, royals mostly wear straight hair,  when celebrities does, they look younger. Take for instance Model Naomi Campbell, when she wears straight hairs, she looks younger and alluring. 


Straight hair gives certain kind of additional features  to your look and appearance. Makes you taller, thinner, sexier, especially when worn in longer lengths. When straight hairs are worn with centre parts, they take years away dramatically. The sexiness in wearing straight hair is the simplicity and natural glow it exhumes.  When you find a good Straight  hair extensions, especially in Brazilian Hair , it just gives a  distinctive glowing look to your completion . Tips:  put on a glowing moisturiser or a foundation  with glowing effect, if you have an oily skin, finish up with a loose matte powder . Keep the make up simple and natural. 


Where you wear them in longer lengths  and have  a corporate job you have to show up smart at.., Snap them in a pony tail  or roll them up tied together and snap them out for party time  or other engagements after work ,that's the flexibility with straight hair, go simple with it, go glamorous when you want to. Ability to  re style straight hair makes them a great buy, play arround with different styles as you wish..  You could curl up the ends, turn them into loose waves, etc. Re-styling straight hair into any style pattern, gives a fresh look to the pattern styled into, this will obviously depends if you're using a quality human hair extensions in re styling,  so when buying a straight hair extension, there are few things look out for. 


First, run your hands through the bundle, if your fingers run smoothly from the top to bottom with no tangles, thumbs up, if the bundle  or end feels hard to separate, or finding it hard to run your fingers through from top to bottom, that's rubbish and exactly what will happen when you installed them on your hair. Would be hard to brush, shedding etc.  Besides running  your fingers freely through a straight hair, they also  have to be soft and smooth to the touch. If one or two of these practical tests are missing, sorry its a bad hair. Even where some hair are soft but you couldn't run your fingers through them with no difficulty or it tangles, bad hair, not good enough. You have to be able to run your fingers through a bundle of a straight hair extension (whilst still tied together in the bundle) from top to bottom with no tangles to it  or difficulty separating the hairs. Where you have to brush them first to be able to run your fingers through while still in the bundle, problem, because that's the difficulty you'll  go through after installation.  You would have problems brushing them and dealing with excessive shedding. 


Good hair extensions , especially straight hair, should be easy maintenance with no efforts. Efforts that should be applied, would be when re styling, because obviously you have to give the time, to curling them or restyling to whatever pattern, as you would do your own natural hair or visit a stylist, and so  the efforts shouldn't be that the hair is tangling. Most of us wear extensions for the efforts our own natural hair requires, we either have coarse hair, dry  etc, and we buy hair extensions for solutions  and for whatever reasons it may be,  it is mostly for easy wear and so our hair extensions should make our lives easier for money spent  and perform well and should be easy to re style as true to what it is,  human hair. 


So there you go, some tips for checking when you're buying a straight  hair extensions. Run your fingers through the bundle, if not smooth and the ends are hard to separate, not good i'm afraid., other things to try, would be to curl the tip, it if bounces out with a fresh h curl, thumbs up! if the curls comes out lame and hard to roll up as a curl, thumbs down!

Most times, these kind of hairs are expensively sold. It's sad to have people spend money on something that isn't worth it.  Don't be fooled by the price tags either. Which reminds me back in the days, with similar experience , I bought some hair extensions, the price tags caught me to believing , I felt, being so expensive couldn't go wrong, I spent almost £500 on the hair. Sadly after three days, I was fighting to brush it in the mornings and every now and then, was a nightmare, I felt so duped. With such money spent, I didn't get anything near human hair as advertised. I started the search my self, real hair that feels  real must exist  and  if I had  spent that much on rubbish, something  better that have been copied  to look like real must exist then.  I did find it, didn't cost me anything near what I had spent on rubbish like a cardboard on my head, lol. 

This experience ultimately led to my passion for beautiful hair and working with people with similar passion. Human hair should be Human hair. Everyone who wears hair extensions wears them for various reasons, and whatever the reasons, we should feel great and beautiful wearing them.

It also goes to say, whilst not all highly priced hair extensions are a rip off,  most are great quality and facts of costs to making them etc attracts such price tags. In any case, whether you buy high or low in price, hair extensions advertised as human hair should perform so. 


And  so with summer here, looking for that innocent glowing look? Grab a straight hair, For me, I do like straight hair in summer, they're light and I don't get sweaty in my scalp with the hot weather , easy to maintain with busy life in summer time, here and there with holidays  rush etc.

But I'm a mother with teenage children  and it feels great to look younger especially when I have a centre part in my straight hair, but no longer fun when i'm being addressed as a teenager sometimes and doesn't really help when you have a petite body to go with it, so I do curl up my straight hair most times, when I get bored of looking young and  mistaken for a teenager and as mentioned earlier that's the flexibility I like with straight hairs,  re styling them to any other style and getting a different look is awesome.   Leaving it in its Straight glory , with less efforts, makes life easy to get by, with daily buzz  and hustles. Here are some photos of a straight hair and some styles you can achieve with it, get creative with your investments people!





Whatever hair types or ethnicity... Sometimes, people forget Hair extensions is a solution, just like any products made for a solution, and we achieve results of what we can not otherwise achieve with our own natural hair but sadly, if its not  real human hair extensions, you can't achieve such glamorous results, so look for the real one!

And if you're looking for easy hair to maintain during the summer, grab a good straight hair and  remember run your fingers through the bundle, from top to end, it should flow freely, smooth and soft, should also bounce to life when you curl them.


Happy summer, join me in my next post, where I talk about wavy hairs . Ta ta!!