beautiful woman wearing Brazilian curly hair extensions

Summer time! Curly time!

So summer's here, after the pandemic, seems we're all learning to live with covid. Time to glow and shine and hey ladies here we go... We start with our faces and hair. What's the trend with hair?... Well I've noticed a surge in curly hair extensions demand this summer. That diva look, and some of us don't want to go all the way, we want to keep that natural look but yet, a little bit daring. There's also the divas who want to make a statement, not afraid to be bold.


I love curly hair, for one thing, they make you look younger that is.., if you choose the right curls and  such that matches your personality, but for most of us, it's about something new. And hey! Trying something new goes a long way, whether making the first impression at work , personal enhancement or on a date etc. Neither do you want to have a messy curls that makes you look cheap on a date or for that special appointment for work or the next adventure in your life whatever the reason. So how do we go about choosing the right curls? Good question!


Unfortunately you have to make that decision yourself but I'll guide you through it to bring out the goddess in you, whatever your reasons..


So lets start, firstly here's a tip, tight small curls makes you look younger no matter your age, they just add that alluring little innocence to your look whilst taking years back, but you have to get it right. Coarse curls wouldn't do it, too bushy and not sexy at all, except for fun or where  your personality type matches it and you can carry it well. Soft  small curls are bouncy and full of shine and innocence. If you find the right ones, then it's a great buy! 

Here's Kelly Rowland, wearing some of my favourites small curls. See how alluring and young she looks?


Then we move on to the, a bit looser  big curls with bounce, these ones are for the adoring confident business women, the ones that say, hey! I'm sweet but i'm brainy and I rule the world. These self enhanced confidence are sometimes powered by investments in ourselves and a little touch in our appearances can go a long way to make the difference in how we present ourselves, sudden burst of confidence in how people react to us simply because of a brush up. Sorry people but sadly  it's an artificial world. Your look matters, except you want to take a thousand years getting to where you're aiming to. I can remember a few  times I showed up in my local supermarket with no make up on, hair messy, and looking for help, no one talks to me or I'm  just waived off (like I've got something else do  kind of thing, lol). Next time, I show up, all glimmered up, nice hair and everyone's running around to help me,  whereas I may not even  have a cent in my wallet but anyone and everyone's  happy  to have a chat with someone who look gorgeous, cut's across everything even if its job seeking, otherwise most of the time, its a long walk down the road my friend on what we can't change about first impressions on how people unconsciously judge us! Its human nature unfrotunately!

And thus life's investment, see yourself as  an investment to beat the queue!

Make your hair presentable as much as you do the rest of you.  When picking curls and want that younger look?  Go for small , tight soft curls. You can tie them in a pony tail for work or let loose as a  diva for party time, whichever length you go for. Good curls when you find them are manageable and fun as long as they're soft, else you're left with knots and lifeless curl. Good buys curls are easy to maintain, only needs your fingers  as the comb, or wide toothed combs,  wet every morning for a natural fresh  look, if you wish, a spray shine where you want it and there you go, Nothing much, any curls needing more than that, its just not real human hair i'm afraid.

The big looser curls will give you similar look like the small tight curls when you pick the right quality. Again lets take a look at Kelly in  looser big curls


Then we move over to the woman, who's alluring but a mix of all, these are the divas who are not afraid to express themselves , ready for business, ready for fun, but hey, there's something about them that says don't mess with me , I'm all rounded. These are the full volume curl, like a Tina Turner look type. Whether big or small curls, you want to get it right. Even though they are full of volume they are soft curls, and light in weight, flip them around they are full of life and shine. Just because they're full of volume doesn't mean they're hard to maintain, same easy  maintenance , wet in the morning with water, tidy up with your fingers  and there you go, that's how it should be. Volume but bouncy curls for the personality of  the bold independent woman or wherever you are in your life as long as you can carry such hair.


Lets see kelly in action again, below with such look


I like independent women, doesn't matter where you are in your life, if you're bringing in pay, big or small, you're an independent woman and one way to show the real you who profits dollars/ pounds is through your personality, so don't be shy to let it shine through your look and personality, you deserve it and  takes you places you couldn't  believe exists. So take my word for it from experience, invest in your hair, what people see in you when they first meet you or haven't seen you in a long time, makes a huge difference. 


Additional tips when you install a curly hair, do it in a free style, meaning no part, I often wonder why people use closures for a curly hair but then it's individual choice , for me, I prefer, all round method, whether glue on or sewn on, with this method, you can style it however you want, middle part, side part, all goes with curly hair, you don't really need to show any line of part, it's curly hair and fits in however you choose to style it,  and you can create fringes, side parts , centre parts with no line showing and they look gorgeous and natural.  No hard work in daily maintenance  as long as they're soft human hair ,not something that feels like you're carrying a brick  or a dry bamboo craft on your head, lol

All that having said about curly hair, it  goes without saying that you carry yourself, you feel what you project, the aura you pass on, so feel good with whatever you breathe out! if you don't feel good about yourself, that aura passes on too, that insecurity passes on, you have to feel it to pass it on, be confident and feel beautiful and the positive energy will  align, shinning through. 


Its summer time, its curly time, pick the right curls and shine on! You deserve it!


Here's a small tight curls photos and how you can play with it over time.






First and second photos are two weeks after installation, no brushing, just wetting in the morning with water.

Third and last photo is two months after installation then combing out with a wide toothed comb, gives a natural afro kinky look with volume, yet not bushy but still retaining its curly pattern of natural look.


There you go ladies, inspiration, play with your hair, wear as natural style for a while, then re style by either combing out with a wide toothed comb or as desired, no fuss!


Enjoy the summer everyone and see you in our next blog! Tar tar!