The Elegant Wavy

The Elegant Wavy

Ah, here we go, the elegant wavy human  hair extensions. I love this one... 


Like I've always mentioned in my posts, when you buy a good hair, it is indeed  a great buy, because you will enjoy it whatever pattern it falls into on your head. I've had some hair installed, where I had assumed it to be the pattern or style I wanted, but it didn't matter in the end , because I enjoyed wearing those hair irrespective of what I had wanted and how it came out after installations,  they were good quality hair and in the end, I loved the results even if the style pattern was not what I was aiming for, I had the flexibility to re style them  . So wavy hair is one of those hairs where if they are  of good quality, you just can't go wrong with them on your head.  They give whatever look you want. You can style them however you like and they would sit well on your scalp. Unlike straight hairs, you either have to style in centre part or free style, with no part. With wavy hairs, you can style it however and will appear beautiful with or no parting. 

Additionally when I wear wavy hair, I could go days without brushing them, I wake up in the morning, I just  dress it up with my hands, no brush, easy to run fingers around them,i love the messy wavy look still  in pattern , I   don't like brushing too much , i  spray some sheen or not, just looks great. Because they are wavy,  they're meant to be wavy, just like that everywhere on your head, with that messy curl look in a beautiful way though, where they don't tangle and you are able to run your hands through them. I use that words a lot, run your fingers through you hair, because that is what a good hair ought to be on your head. Play with your hair, run your fingers through it, able to do so freely, not encountering tangles,  so wavy hair/ body wavy is that kind of hair, where wind blows, whatever the weather, you don't go through brushing it all over agin to regain its pattern , . whatever the day, busy lives etc, it just stays on your head  wavy, could be messy, wouldn't matter, because its wavy anyway, not like when wind blows with straight hair, you have to get your brush to tidy them up.  When you find a good wavy hair,  they are beautiful over time and they even sit better after a long time, easy maintenance, you go days without brushing, they're perfect still. So lets dive into the world of wavy hairs…

My  Complete Guide to Wavy Human Hair Extensions: And Enhancing Your Natural Beauty


So  i'd ask the question to kick off: Are you longing for glamorous, voluminous waves that cascade effortlessly? Wavy human hair extensions can be the perfect solution for achieving the dreamy, beachy waves you desire. Whether you want to add length, volume, or both, wavy hair extensions offer a versatile and natural-looking option. In this blog, we will delve into the world of wavy human hair extensions, especially Brazilian body wavy human hair discussing their benefits, application methods, care tips, and more.


Understanding Wavy Human Hair Extensions:

Wavy human hair extensions are from real human hair, which makes them appear more natural and blend seamlessly with your own hair. The texture of wavy extensions features beautiful undulating waves, resembling the classic beachy waves or loose curls that many desire. Available in a wide range of lengths, mostly comes in Natural colour as natural black, some however comes in different shades of colour that would have been manually coloured by the vendor or retailer, these extensions allow you to customize your look according to your preferences. Real human hair extensions, in this instance wavy hair or as some may describe it, body wavy, comes in natural colour making it flexible to be coloured to any colour as desires. Please note, this flexibility is only applicable to real human hair, when you find it and purchase it , to treat as your own hair, so it performs as one’s own natural hair once installed and allowing for that flexibility to color or style to any pattern from its original pattern or colour as bought. So don’t be afraid or hesitant to treat as your own hair whether you are restyling or colouring. 


The Benefits of Wavy Human Hair Extensions:

a. Gives an Instant Length and Volume: Wavy human hair extensions offer a quick and convenient way to add both length and volume to your natural hair. Whether you have short hair or simply want to enhance the thickness of your looks, these extensions can transform your look in no time.


b. Versatility: The natural wave pattern of wavy hair extensions allows for easy styling versatility. You can wear them as they come or create different styles using hot tools such as curling irons or straightener to restyle, blending well with your natural hair. Where they are installed on their own, without your natural hair mixed between, they don’t go wrong either in giving you that alluring glowing look Who wouldn’t want a a glorious perfect hair., so wear them and feel on top of the world as you should with your investment and yours.


c. Natural Appearance: Wavy human hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, giving you a flawless, natural look. The human hair it is, also allows for easy and realistic movement on the scalp, ensuring a truly authentic appearance, compared to synthetic hair, fibre and all the fakes out there. When you find a real human wavy hear and install them, they perform exactly of what it is, human hair.


3 Application Methods:

There are various application methods available for wavy human hair extensions or body wavy as widely knowns sometimes, including:

a. Clip-ins: Clip-in extensions, allowing you to easily attach and remove the extensions whenever you desire, clipping them, weft by weft to your own hair to creating  a luscious fuller hair look.


b. Tape-ins: Tape-in extensions are semi-permanent and are secured to your natural hair using adhesive tape. They can last for several weeks before needing to be re-applied.


c. Sew-ins: Sew-in extensions are attached to your natural hair using a braiding technique and a needle and thread. This method offers longevity and is particularly suitable for those with thicker hair. And mostly popular with afro Caribbeans due to the texture of the hair and braiding of natural hair that allows such flexibility and longevity of the installation to stay perfect with this method of sewing. Some Caucasians also use this method for installing hair extensions, all depends on a personal preference and the aimed look after installation.


d. Bonding: This is a method involving using a friendly hair glue to glue the hair weft onto your on natural hair, mixing and blending with your natural hair in between. Most people are weary o fthis method due to the cons of swimming or where it comes in contact with water and losses its grip as attached to your hair with glue but not to worry there are many types of glue in the market with water resistant techniques that allows long lasting results even when in contact with water. There also precautions to take when wearing hair extensions with glue method. This method is particularly easy when installing hair extensions, as it gives flexibility to add the hair weft to area you would like more volume or create a certain pattern of look/ style to be more prominent. It also gives the flexibility to style your hair as you wish after installation as you’re not constrained to follow a certain pattern as to when you use a sew in method. It’s also flexible to do a add on or remove a weft where you’re not happy with after installation as appose to sew in method.


e. Fusion: Fusion extensions involve attaching small sections of hair extensions to your natural hair using a heating tool and keratin bonds. This method offers a natural-looking result and can last for several months.


4. Caring for Wavy Human Hair Extensions:

Proper care and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the longevity and quality of wavy human hair extensions. Here are some essential care tips:


a. Washing: Use sulphate-free, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for natural hair, don’t go out looking for something specifically made for hair extensions, makes no difference and it goes without saying that when you find and buy a real human hair extensions, you should be able to use products that are normally used on your own natural hair. Avoid rubbing the shampoo vigorously and gently detangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb. Just as you would treat your own hair with care when washing, no difference. Treat as your own natural hair.


b. Styling: Doesn’t matter, if it doesn’t take the heat as your own real hair would, then it’s not real, human hair extensions can stand any heat whatever temperature. This is one of the tests we do here at virginhairworld before putting our hair batches of hair to sale, from collection to cleaning and sewing to the weft, these tests are preformed and whatever style they originally come in, they must produce bouncy curls when we put the heat on them for curls and silky straight when we straighten them from curls to straight. The joy in human hair is for the ability and flexibility to style and re style to whatever pattern one desires and doesn’t matter their original pattern of style. It’s also worth mentioning that some human hair extensions would go back to their original pattern over time after restyling them, this is due to the fact that being human hair, that reverse in nature does occur, even in our own natural hair. What human hair extensions does is give us that perfection, luscious and luxury we desire in our hairs, so it makes sense that we treat it as investment you nourish to enjoy by inputting personal efforts to in the maintenance and care, just as you would on your own natural hair. 


c. Brushing: Use a soft-bristled, looped hairbrush depending on the style of the hair or the look you want. Mostly after styling with curls and you want a volume look, you’ll use a brush that loosen the curls to give such volume or loose wavy look, similarly a comb to softly loosen the curls or leave curls as they are for bouncy curls without separating the curls. 


d. Sleeping: Tie your hair in a loose braid or ponytail before sleeping if you wish. Or wear a hair net if you prefer or nothing at all, no instruction for sleeping with human hair extensions but Just like your natural hair, a visit to the salon and after styling doesn’t mean, it says so forever, it needs personal effort to retain and regular visits to the salon, that’s why salon exists and same for your human hair extension in maintenance.  Wavy human hair extensions and any real human hair extensions can be style and restyle at a salon or done personally at home with all processes as applicable to one own natural hair. 


Final Thought:

Wavy human hair extensions provide a fantastic opportunity to enhance your natural beauty and achieve stunning, flowing waves. From their ease of application to their versatility in styling options, these styles of extensions offer a wide range of benefits. By following proper care tips and maintenance routines, you can enjoy long-lasting, beautiful wavy hair that turns heads wherever you go. So, go ahead, explore the world of wavy human hair extensions, and unlock your hair's true potential, be beautiful, 



When it comes to the look you want to achieve, wavy hair are best for the busy woman, due to little to nothing maintenance, they equally give you an elegant look, classy, putting you in a different class. People who want to make a statement can have more bundle for a volume / fuller hair  look, the waves makes them beautiful when you let the hair out.. Which you can obviously tie up for work etc, A real hair would not feel too bulk  when you tie them up, good hair are light in weight , and with wavy hair, when you let them out when untied in pony tail or as you prefer when maintaining that corporate look, once let out, the waves are beautifully bouncy , either for a  party or whatever the occasion you want to merry in looking like a diva.  So wavy does achieve whatever look you aim for, either as an addition to your own hair for volume or you are going out with a big look. Either way, they give you an elegant look.

Most of the times, i wear wavy, i like the elegant classy look. Also gives me a kind of boost of confidence than when i wear a straight hair. 


So, if you're craving an elegant look, grab yourself some wavy hair and enjoy playing around with it. After a long wear, find sometime to restyle them into bouncy curls or visit a salon, trust me, you would love it, it would seem like a new hair altogether once re styled into curls, , the curls it produces are simply luscious and bouncy. Go on,!Be you! Be your best version! Be beautiful!


For some inspiration i've posted photos of some of our celebrities we desire to have similar look to as with wavy hairs, but please note these celebrities aren't born with these hairs or with perfection, so please don't beat yourself up, , its all about personal  efforts for their image and most times, their stylist do re style the human hair extensions for that certain look, so feel free to explore with your wavy Human hair extensions to achieve similar looks, either from wavy to straight and to colouring them to what you feel comfortable in, as long as you bag yourself the real human hair and not fakes  Adios!