Maintenance and Care

Our Human hair extensions requires little or no efforts with its natural  soft and smooth textures,   thus no lists of instructions necessary.

Daily maintenance: Use fingers or wide tooth comb or a brush for full volume, spray with water if need be, and that's all, nothing more.  Further below are more specific maintenance for different styles where required.



Our curly hair loves water, when in contact with water, they become soft and smooth as a permed natural  hair.


Thus our curly hairs doesn't require hard work either, a spray of water and tidy with the fingers,  it  loosens up so easily whether an hair net is worn to bed or not, . Does not need too much hair creams etc. It may be necessary to replenish its moisture more often especially 6-8 weeks after installation. A shine spray sheen such as an olive oil based hair spray or coconut oil will do. Dab in water for a fish curl look, wash as required with natural hair shampoo, condition if you wish to indulge with that feeling of caring for your own hair. 


KINLY CURRLS: Similar maintenance as curly hair but kinky curls needs regular washing to maintain softer look. For that softer look for its kinky curl texture, it is recommended to spray it with  water every morning. For fuller volume bohemian style, brush out and spray with water after brushing. For a coarse look, no need to spray with  after brushing, This method can be interchangeable whilst wearing our kinky hair extension during installation for the look aiming for. To get back to the original pattern, wash with shampoo and conditioner, use natural hair  products. Our Kinky curls can be restyled and straighten to give a yaki straight look style , kinky straight style etc.



This is one of our easiest hair to maintain. With its natural wavy and soft textures, could go days without brushing and will not tangle, again simply use your fingers to stye in the mornings, a spay sheen if required and thats it, no fuzz. Straighten or curl to bouncy curls, not much needed. We've had customers who wear them for months and no washing. Washing and how often you wash our body wavy is a personal choice, they don't require much, they look great with or without washing. A dry shampoo can be used where you don't have time to wash.



Similar to body wavy, straight hair are equally easy maintenance.For  that fresh silky straight look everyday,  use a straightener, their soft textures makes them easy to straightened with any electrical  straightener under any temperature, experiment with a curler for straight to bouncy curl or for curly tip end of a straight hair.   Styling as one  wishes are the lusciousness straight hair provides, switching  styles and patterns for different looks.  

Below are recommended products should you want to indulge, otherwise not neccessary, enjoy our hair extensions in their natural state as bought for weeks and if you feel the need to treat yourself  in a goddess style,  below products  are recommended.

 Moroccan Argan Oils , Almond oil, Coconut oils or Serums, Palmer's Coconut oil, Olive oil based spray shin, coconut oil based spray sheen


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